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Polish coins discovered in treasure-troves in the ussr and poland in the hermitage collection (T. Minasian)

The author attempts to define which of the coins in the Polish collection come from treasure-troves.

Of the 40,000 Polish coins, the author deals only with the 5,000 coins of the original collection which had been listed in the manuscript scientific catalogues.

Up until the beginning of the twentieth century, the majority of coins from treasure-troves came to the Hermitage "without identity cards", and there is no mention in the catalogues of their origin; therefore, in order to establish the origins of these coins, it was necessary to use the archival documents kept in the Department of Numismatics and at the Central Record-office of the Hermitage, and also materials of the Archaeological Committee (Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Archaeology, USSR Academy of Sciences).

The detailed study of these sources has led to the conclusion that a significant number of the coins from the collection come from treasure-troves. A list of these coins is supplied.

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