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On Coin Minting in Bosporus during the Reign of Mithradates Eupator (Yu. Diukov)

The author examines the question of coin minting in the kingdom of Bosporus during the reign of Mithradates Eupator. The coinage is analysed as reflecting the important political events of the time, in particular the coming to power in Bosporus of Mithradates Eupator of Pontus.

The first group of coins that were issued by this ruler consisted of silver and copper pieces bearing the names of various Bosporus towns; on these coins the traditional devices of Bosporus currency are found side by side with those characteristic of the currency of Pontus. The second issue showed more of a Pontic influence, both in the devices and in the choice of face-values. The third issue of coins by this ruler consisted entirely of copper pieces; an analysis of the dies shows them to have been minted in one place. This last issue reflects the critical state of the kingdom of Bosporus during the last years of Mithradates Eupator's reign.

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