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Unknown Coins from Chersonesus in the Hermitage Collection (L. Belova)

In her article the author acquaints the numismatic world with a group of hitherto unknown coins from Chersonesus, which entered the Hermitage collection at various times, either from private collections or as a result of archaeological excavations.

One of the most interesting coins is a unique silver didrachm from Chersonesus, with the head of the goddess Athena on the obverse and a bull on the reverse.

Groups of coins with the heads of Kabeiros and Helios are also of great interest. Although the cults of these deities were known to have existed on the Northern Black Sea Coastlands, their depiction on coins was quite a rare occurrence.

The publication of these unknown pieces will undoubtedly widen our idea of the coinage in this powerful economic and political centre of the ancient coastal regions of the Black Sea.

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