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Summaries. Results of the Study of Russian Coins from the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries in the Hermitage (M. Sotnikova)

Up to the present time some 340 examples of ancient Russian coins stamped with 227 different sets of dies have been discovered. They date back to the time of Prince Vladimir Sviatoslavich, Prince Yaroslav Vladi-mirovich and Prince Sviatopolk Yaropolkovich.

The article sets out the results of the advanced study of Russian coins from the tenth and eleventh centuries, which have been summed up in a complete catalogue (Corpus). It deals with the origin of coins, the evolution of coin types and the development of stamping techniques; the weight and standard, and the designs and inscriptions on the coins are examined in detail; and the significance of these first Russian coins as historical sources for the study of the economic, political and cultural life of the Kiev state is noted.

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